What is Laffa all about?

We plan to entertain you with delicious food & to provide warm, attentive service.   The Mediterranean & Middle Eastern diet is both vibrant & colorful, robust & fresh.  It is designed for sharing & giving pleasure.  There are many common similarities within these regions with respect to their signature dishes & styles of cooking.  Each country is fiercely proud of its version of a certain common dish & because of each country’s history of invasions & ingredients available, the dish is a little different from region to region.

“Laffa” is the name of the bread found all over this region & we make it fresh to order.  It is also known as taboon bread, named after the cement lined conical oven that is used to make it.  Bread is thought of as a gift from God and only the hands should be used to break it because cutting it with a knife would be like raising a sword to God!  If some bread should fall to the ground, it is picked up and symbolically pressed to the lips & forehead as a sign of respect.  Leftover bread is never wasted, it is used in both sweet & savory dishes.

“EAT! You’re skin and bones!”
– Every Jewish grandma’s catchphrase (Along with “take a sweater!”)

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Welcome to Laffa

The ultimate aim of civility & good manners is to please. “To please one’s guest is to please one’s host.”
We strive to welcome you with generous & genuine hospitality, to cheerfully pay special attention & consideration to your comfort & well being while you dine here at Laffa.

  • 111 N Main St
  • Tulsa, OK 74103
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Hours of Operation
  • Monday 5pm-9pm
  • Tuesday 5pm-9pm
  • Wednesday 11am-9pm
  • Thursday 11am-9pm
  • Friday 11am-10pm
  • Saturday 12pm-10pm
  • Sunday 5pm-9pm
Falafel Window Hours
  • Monday Closed for winter (To-go orders at bar)
  • Tuesday Closed for winter (To-go orders at bar)
  • Wednesday Closed for winter (To-go orders at bar)
  • Thursday Closed for winter (To-go orders at bar)
  • Friday Closed for winter (To-go orders at bar)
  • Saturday Closed for winter (To-go orders at bar)
  • Sunday Closed for winter (To-go orders at bar)